About us

Alumni Association Financials is the financial alumni association of Tilburg University. Alumni Association Financials is an association for graduates in the fields of accountancy, controlling, finance and investment theory. The association holds over 350 members, of which most members were Active Members at study association Asset | Accounting & Finance. The associations’ objective is aiming to look after the individual development of alumni of Tilburg University with an interest in accountancy, controlling, finance and investment theory. In order to do so, the association organizes relevant activities for alumni. Furthermore, the association fulfills a supporting role with regard to its alumni by strengthening their personal relationships and providing discounts on activities.

The purpose of Alumni Association Financials is to acquire memories, while the purpose of Asset | Accounting & Finance is to generate memories. Both have a strong interaction with each other. One can see the activities of Alumni Association Financials as the cumulative goodwill that is acquired by Asset | Accounting & Finance. We hope to continue to strengthen our relationship and to expand the alumni network in the future. Let us hope that Asset | Accounting & Finance will generate many more new memories that Alumni Association Financials can acquire in the upcoming years!

How to become a member?
Do you want to become a member of Alumni Association Financials? Click here.

Did you move or change jobs?
To keep the alumni database up to date, we kindly ask you to indicate these changes as soon as possible. This can be done by sending an email to alumni@Asset-AccountingFinance.nl.

Are you looking for a new job?

Have a look at our Career Portal with vacancies in both accounting and finance fields. You can find the Career Portal here.